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Postcard From Iceland: Update from Reykjavik (real life candyland)

Bella Bennett, a frequent contributor to The Times and rising junior at Skidmore College, will send regular dispatches from Iceland this summer.“This must be...

Meet Your Farmer: Andrew Woodruff at Whippoorwill Farm

In a series of profiles, The Times introduces the men and women who farm on Martha’s Vineyard. This interview was conducted in mid-June, as...

Postcard from Iceland: Homestay Edition

Bella Bennett, a frequent contributor to The Times and rising junior at Skidmore College, will send regular dispatches from Iceland this summer.The biggest adventure...

Postcard from Iceland: ‘Takk fyrir daggen’

Bella Bennett, a frequent contributor to The Times and rising junior at Skidmore College, will send regular dispatches from Iceland this summer.Going into this,...

First Saturday at the Farmers Market, and the season is already in full swing

Vibrant flowers and fresh produce, the smell of frying egg rolls, locally made cheeses, live music, homemade soaps, salves, and spreads, and the first...

An on-Island gift guide to Father’s Day

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and it’s always nice to glean a few ideas for successful gifts and memorable celebrations in order...

All-Island Elementary Orchestra Spring Concert

Last Thursday evening the All-Island Elementary Orchestra performed at the Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School Performing Arts Center. The concert featured students from second...

Farm. Field. Sea. An Island culinary adventure

This past Saturday, the FARM Institute in Katama, Edgartown, hosted the first Farm. Field. Sea. (FFS) event of the season, centered around the art...

Bowling in Oak Bluffs, with views of Aquinnah

With the iffy weather and brief lull before the true beginning of summer on Martha’s Vineyard, now may be the ideal time to visit...

How (and why) to run a fundraiser

The Beatrice Bennett Great Aspirations Memorial Scholarship event.

Meet Your Farmer: Jamie Norton of Norton Farm

The farm never makes money; we do it for love and so that we can keep it and conserve the land. That’s why my wife Dianne and I are both teachers. Farming is our hobby. And we do it now for our kids, so that they can grow up on the farm and see it and appreciate it.

Ms. Foundation Meets on Martha’s Vineyard

Founded 40 years ago by Gloria Steinem, the Ms. Foundation has grown and evolved to become the nation’s leading organization for women. By sponsoring...

Home, Isaiah, Home!

Willoe, Isaiah’s twin, had four signs welcoming her brother. One was decorated with life-size photos of Isaiah eating various meals throughout his journey, while another, more than 18 feet long, read, 'We followed you across America.'

The Adrenaline Music Project at the Y

For anyone between the ages of 13 and 18 interested in pursuing a career in music, the Adrenaline Music Project (AMP) is your gig....

Rusty Gordon of Ghost Island Farm

I think that starting out is hard; just being somebody coming here without any money or family land is hard, and just trying to make a business and make it work – especially a farm. And getting it set up and all of the infrastructure set up and done and paid for before you can start making a profit. But it’s all I’ve been doing and I don’t want to be doing anything else.

Humans of Martha’s Vineyard

I work at Martha’s Vineyard Community Services, and I’m always excited about new theories and techniques about counseling and how to help people help themselves.

Clydesdales in dressage

The canker, or tumor, had grown around the bone above Jack’s hoof, and had to be removed very carefully. The vets needed to have an MRI machine on the area for the entirety of the surgery, which Jack underwent lying down. Jack was one of the largest horses that Tufts has ever done this type of surgery on

AmeriCorps pitches in on Martha’s Vineyard

Despite grey skies and lethargic rain, The FARM Institute’s belted Galway cows stand alert in their pasture, with ears pricked toward the barn, from...

Bella Bennett writes from Venice

When the GPS reported that I was ten minutes away from what was supposed to be Woods Hole, and I recognized nothing, I finally realized my mistake. I’d chosen the New Bedford fast ferry as my destination.