Tuesday, November 29, 2022

This Was Then

This was then: The engine “Active”

Photos of long ago Martha’s Vineyard.

This was then: Tricycling

The silent steed

This was then: Bathers by the Oak Bluffs pier

Photos of long-ago Martha’s Vineyard.

This was then: A full bath more than once a week

the other rules of the game included 'Sleeping long hours with windows open, Drinking as much milk as possible, but no coffee or tea, Drinking at least four glasses of water a day, and Playing part of every day out of doors.'

This was then: Girdlestone Park

Photos of long ago Martha’s Vineyard

This was then: Oak Bluffs, early summer

Fred Metell, whose sign appears in the background, was a popular Oak Bluffs plumber who later sold the Island’s first electric refrigerators. His father, José Pimental, arrived on the Vineyard in the 1870s from Flores Island in the Azores; his name was corrupted to “Joseph P. Metell” and he became the progenitor of the Island’s Metell family.