Friday, July 19, 2024

Letters to the Editor

Our community thanks you

There is a serene easiness amongst the recently completed cluster of homes at Eliakim's Way in West Tisbury.

In response to the POINT advertisement

The full-page POINT advertisement, so prominent on the back page, makes a few good points about the state's plan and raises some questions about wind power that must be addressed for any responsible offshore turbine project.

It’s a matter of our appetite

If BP would stop using oil dispersants — they are horrible biologically.

Thanks to Camp Jabberwocky for what it does

I received this email from my sister, Sharon O'Connor, recounting her trip to pick up a friend at the ferry boat dock.

Trees gone, but the view remains impaired

Now that the Tisbury town fathers have opened up the view at Lake Tashmoo from the State Road overlook, perhaps now they can concentrate on removing the tall weeds by the roadside that obstruct that lovely view they worked so hard to get for us.

Pilots can help hold the noise down

As we sat outside enjoying the cooling night breezes, conversation was continually brought to a halt by the steady procession of private planes and jets overhead.

Town counsel gives thanks

This letter was sent to District Attorney Michael D.

Help reduce speed on Franklin Street

This is an open letter to all those concerned with traffic safety on Franklin Street, Vineyard Haven.

Wonderful celebration

The Memorial Day Picnic Committee would like to thank the nearly 400 people who joined us at the Tisbury Waterworks for another wonderful Memorial Day celebration this year.


Thank you to our Vineyard friends for joining us in the celebration of our 50th wedding anniversary, which we celebrated on June 6, 2010, at the First Baptist Church, Vineyard Haven.

Democracy as corporations see it

Many saw it coming, mostly political philosophers and writers that saw the intrinsic values of democracy slowly being dismantled by the corporations.

Disaster to follow

Congratulations to James Kennedy Jr.

Bad treatment

This is a copy of a letter to the Oak Bluffs selectmen.

A question of commitment

Laurie Perry-Henry, I also totally agree that Obama and Gates should both apologize for acting "stupidly" toward Sgt.

Cowardly hit and run

Just wanted to say thanks to the coward that ran over my cat the night of June 25, at approximately 7 pm.

Throw all the bums out

The founders of America had it right.

Bad decision by Oak Bluffs selectmen

I spoke to Oak Bluffs selectman Duncan Ross (and several of the other selectmen) about the lawsuit initiated by Peter Martell against the fire chief and the town of Oak Bluffs, which was recently decided in Mr.

I choose not to hire businesses that employ illegal aliens

When I go shopping at the grocery and liquor stores and at donut and sandwich shops, or when I hire businesses for services, such as home repair or lawn care, I do expect to pay a bit more because of our location.

A red letter day

In the rush of our day to day lives with all its routines and rigors, we often fail to take note or are caught unaware of those special moments that end up being among the most important of our lives.