Saturday, July 20, 2024
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Poet’s Corner: I thought I saw Carly Simon

I thought I saw Carly Simon at the town dump, tossing her hair in case she was recognized. At least I thought it was her, and I thought...

Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival closes season with “Starbuck”

Sperm donor David, father to so many, may not be a guy who should be a father at all.

It’s curtains for summer stock, dictators, and angst

A synopsis of upcoming films showing with various organizations and film groups on Martha's Vineyard.

A trio of thought-provoking films from Martha’s Vineyard film groups

"Mabul: The Flood," "Escape Fire," and "Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry" showing with Martha's Vineyard film groups.

Run & Shoot Filmworks provides plenty to stop and watch

The annual African-American Film Festival begins Tuesday and runs through Saturday. The festival will display a talented lineup.

Full film fare this week on Martha’s Vineyard

"Monsieur Lazhar" comes back, "Dolphin Boy" plays at Hebrew Center, "A Cat in Paris" at The FARM Institute, and "Queen of Versailles" in Oak Bluffs.

Two docs and love at bay

"Plimpton!", "Ethel", and "Remembrance" screen with Martha's Vineyard film groups.

Now for two things completely different with Martha’s Vineyard film groups

"We Have a Pope" and "Cloudburst" are playing this week.

This week’s films: The iceberg tipping point? Plus birds and butterflies

"Chasing Ice," "Birders: The Central Park Effect," and "Knuckleball!" play on screens this week.

Martha’s Vineyard film groups weekly review

Three films will be shown this week with various Vineyard film groups. Titles are "Beasts of the Southern Wild," "Kaddish for a Friend," & "Monsieur Lazhar."

Two documentaries and a drama on tap on Martha’s Vineyard screens

"Nicky's Familiy" and "Under African Skies" up next with M.V. Hebrew Center and M.V. Film Festival, respectively.

Unusual films to be shown at unorthodox theaters

M.V. Hebrew Center starts Summer Institute Film Series with "Restoration" and M.V. Film Festival has "Marina Abramovic: The Artist is Present."

‘Dive!’ presented by Martha’s Vineyard Film Society

Who knew dumpster diving had rules? Director Jeremy Seifert shows viewers not only the rules but the ramifications.

‘Elena’ and ‘The Intouchables’ on Martha’s Vineyard screens

Martha's Vineyard Film Society and Martha's Vineyard Film Festival each host screenings this weekend.

Dirt bikers spoil the peace, violate the laws

Perhaps you live in West Tisbury, famous for its bucolic heritage, its serenity.